A whole, hipster! Platinum brother shot dunes, wedding photos, leading winter

源 源 网: Movie "Dune" propaganda poster sand color, why can the early winter C-color sand color become trendy color colors in early winter? It is a gentle earth color, lookstaking, humiliating, street shooting scene, fashion and steady, the scene is atmospheric.

It is a good helper for the temperament, delicate and soft qualities can be combined with sharpness in the picture, such as the corner of the building, the sharp feelings brought by the wildlite of the wilderness. The cold wind in the early winter blows, people think of the importance of insulation, while the sand is unbiased, the warmth is afraid of the cold star. This color is slightly lighted, it is cold, and it is slightly warming, the saturation is low, and it is very suitable for the transition color. The seemingly flat, unmodable sand, is actually an indispensable C bit color in the fashionista wardrobe. Photo: Platinum Travel Works take out the level of advanced senior feelings to wear the clothes of the sand, just catch the essentials of the level.

上海金山夜生活 Whether it is made of color matching, or use long, short clothes to create superposition, or use small accessories to make a carousel … can make the sand color, let the temperament double. Photo: Platinum Traverse Works (1) The deep shadow of the hierarchy is light, light, khakh brown, squid red and the like belong to the color of sand, the color is shallow, and it is made by light to thick. Can make the trendy feelings you want.

If it is a white girl, wearing the sand color, there is no limit, self-sufficientness; if it is a yellow girl, it is recommended to try the color of the color or camel, otherwise, it is easy to look, almost naked. The modified effect will give people the most true, pure intuitive sensory. The short foreign minler, the shortage of the short-term, the proposition, the proposal to keep the neutral 上海虹口干磨300群 style comes with the sand dunes, echoing the original color when selecting other items.

Here is two kinds of wearing, both men and women are oh ~ The first kind, with a white tattooed sweater for the bottom, black vest vest, the outermost set of suit jackets; or basic white shirt / white t-shirt Based, light coffee tones are taken out.

The main ideas of the two methods are white brightening, black, and doing both warm and cool.

Photo: Platinum Traveler Working with Accessories For clothing, Some small partners will feel that only sand pigments are bitterested, then choose some accessories as embellishment, you can break the color of the plain. In the process of shooting a wedding photo, the Makeup Master of Platinum brings suggests that new people are fitted with appropriate accessories in 上海油压店贴吧 different scenarios. Take the Gobi landscape of Qinghai Yadan Devil City as an example, the bride is in the case of wearing a white wedding dress, I want to keep the wedding dress, and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to show the landscape of the wilderness. So the appearance of a cowboy hat can be justified. Highlight wild romance. Figure: Platinum travel works will be embedded in marriage, so that the romance is an eternal, platoon tour, waiting for you to interpret the popular new proposition. Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.