Accurately grasp the inherent relationship between theoretical education and party education

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For a long time, no response, please refresh this page Author: Sun Bing, Li Dongdong (China Yan’an Cadre College) In cadre education and training, theoretical education is fundamental, party sex education is key.

Our party has always attached great importance to the party ‘s theoretical education and party spirit education, and focus on the importance of playing both in cadre education and training. In 2015, at the National Party School Work Conference, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "the party school surnamed the party, the focus of the party school must be the party’s theoretical education and party sex education."

Leading cadres to the party school, the main task is to learn the party’s theory and accept party sex education.

"Party ‘s theoretical education and party education are important contents of cadre education and training work, both interconnected, complement each other, is an indiscrunable organic whole.

  Theoretical Education and Party Education has intrinsic fusion. The party’s theoretical education refers to the educational practice activities of the party’s education and training institutions or the party’s theoretical workers to cultivate the party’s theory as the core content of the party’s theory. . Party’s education is the educational practice activities that party organizations to improve party spiritual cultivation levels, strengthen and improve party building. Party sex education is a compulsory course for the cultivation of the Communists, and it is also a "mind" of the Communists. From the perspective of connotation, the party ‘s theoretical education and party sex education are integrated with each other, and the intrinsic properties and essential features of the two are unified.

  From the perspective of educational subject, the theoretical education and party education is under the leadership of the party, with a theoretical conscious and party spirit. From the perspective of education, the object of party’s sex education is all party members; the object of theoretical education includes party members and the masses. From the perspective of educational goals, carry out theoretical education and party education, and to promote the party’s ideological construction as an important goal. From educational content, theoretical education is closely related to party sex education.

Among them, theoretical education includes Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, "Three Represents" Important Thoughts, Scientific Development View, Especially Education and Training of Chinese Characteristic Socialist Thoughts in Xi Jinping; Party Sex Education, Party Mission education, party history, revolutionary traditional education, anti-corruption education, party constitution and party regulatory party learning education and other content. From the perspective of 夜上海论坛 education, theoretical education and party spiritual education pay attention to theoretical connection, strengthen the problem-oriented, emphasize the way to master the Marxist positions, and learn through the principle, and believe in unity.

It can be seen that theoretical education is consistent with party sex education, and integrated with each other. Theoretical Education Square the Basis of Party ‘s Education.

Party spirit is the cornerstone of party members and cadres, standing, speaks, and Lid’s cornerstone, and political firmness, party spirit is inseparable from the theoretical firm.

Marxism is the fundamental guiding ideology of our partnership, which is the soul and banner of our party.

Using Marxist Theory Armed Party Cadres, it is to establish an ideal belief in rational 上海外卖工作室vx recognition of scientific theories. It is established in the correct understanding of historical laws. It is established in the accurate grasp of basic national conditions and insists on political direction. , Keep political nature, improve political ability, and make our party building more strong and powerful, ensuring that our party has always become a strong leadership of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

  The system is learning Marxism Basic Principle, which is the party members of the party members and cadres to do everything.

Only by learning to understand the innovation theory of the real party, especially those who understand the Marxist position of the Marxist position can we deeply understand and accurately grasp the law of the Communist Party, the law of socialist construction, and the law of human social development, in order to always 上海按摩fj体验 strengthen the ideal belief , Continuously push the socialist cause of Chinese characteristics to advance. In this sense, theoretical education has laid the ideological foundation for party sex education, providing methodology support.

  The Theoretical Education in Party ‘s Education Deepening in practice.

Party Education is based on the party’s theoretical education, in practice, cultivation and exercise process for party cultivation.

Party’s education aims to establish and affect party members’ ideological concepts and behavioral methods, solve the problem of world view, outlook on life, and values ??this "total switch", so that party members and cadres have always adhered to the people’s position, firm communist beliefs, and resolutely implement the party’s route policy . The goal of the party’s sexual education is based on the party’s theoretical education, through party sexual exercise, party spiritual practice, so that party members and cadres practices the fundamental purpose of the people, consciously respect, practice the party constitution, and carefully fulfill the party’s obligation, Correctly exercise the rights of party members, inheriting red genes, keeping political nature; doing Ming Dafa, keeping glory, strikers, resolutely opposing "four winds", eliminating all factors that harm the party’s advanced nature and pureness, consciously doing Communities The firmness of the ideals and the common ideals of socialism with Chinese characteristics and practitioners. Theoretical Education complements each other and promotes each other. Theoretical Education and Party Education are mutually promoted and unsearous organic overall.

The Theoretical Education Building the Communists ‘Theoretical Basis of Communists and the Theoretical Basis of Party Sexual Education Proves to Transform the Spiritual Nutrition of Party Members and Cadres to Improve the Party’ s Cultivation, Ideological and Realm and Moral Level. The scientific nature of the party’s theoretical education is the era of party members and cadres. Interpretation of the times, leading the times to provide guidance and methodology support, providing scientific ideological weapons for party sex education.

The party’s theoretical education solves the confusion and problems of party members and cadres, so that party members and cadres firmly understand and resolutely implement the party’s political route, and further form a consciousness of party sense.

To carry out partial education, it is to let party members and cadres adhere to the party’s principles, strengthen the party’s awareness, and keep in mind that their first identity is a communist party member, and the first duty is to work for the party.

Party sex education enables party members and cadres to further firmly firmly firmly confident in practice, and form a consciousness of improving theoretical cultivation.

Theoretical Education and Party Education Interactions, Mutual Promotion, and Contemporaneous Directions Connect to Party Members and Cadres’ Goals of Political Judgment, Political Enciprocation, Political Execution.