1 case of new coronavirus in Zhanjiang

上海宝山友谊路小巷子   In the early morning of June 6, Wuchuan City found 1 new coronary virus asymptomatic infection. Rongmou, male, 25 years old, Wu Chuan City, Xiaba Town, Xiantu, Guangzhou, a pair of service services Co., Ltd. At 2:57 in the morning of May 31, Guangzhou returned to Wuchuan City.

On the afternoon of June 1, the nucleic acid test results were negative.

On the evening of June 5, nucleic acid detection was suspected of positive. In the early morning of June 6, the positive was confirmed by the Zhanjiang City CDC.

At present, a certain symptom of a certain cough, no fever, no peladation, and the diagnosis of invisible infections in the consultation of the expert group is the treatment of non-infected hospitals in Zhanjiang City. Wuchuan Xinzhi Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Command 最新上海贵族宝贝自荐区 Listening The emergency plan will quickly carry out disposal and strengthening of traceability, investigate close contact, and will take a certain transfer to fixed-point treatment hospital for the first time.

Currently, the close contact person and the secondary close contact have incorporated a centralized isolation medical observation, strengthening the source, environmental murd, nucleic acid major screening and key regional key population investigation and control, etc. In order to effectively protect the health of the public, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: 1. Mainly involved in the activity places before the onset of patients (Meilu Street Shanzhuang Road Collection, Xinzu’an Hotel, Old Street Sugar Shop, Bo Ji Stew , Zhengyuan Hall Health Wide Wide Road, Electromechanical Market, Wei Xiong 上海长宁高端水磨 Burning Labout, Meishan Football Field, Dafa, Dashan, Yongyong, Qingyuan Market, Wantang, Wantang, Waterfront, New World Square Carter Style, Jinsha Square Mangchuang excellent product store, Chen Lao farmhouse coarse food restaurant, Wanhe City, three floors, Country Garden, Building 15, Yue Yinhui Automobile Service Center; Bohu Street Asian Porcher Poetry, Excelle Health Stewed Shop; Dashanjiang Street Wuchuan Municipal People’s Hospital Dashanjiang Branch, Huashun Gas Station; Near the Longtian Village of Yanba Town, Xiantu Village) The whole country has enclosed management to ensure that all personnel do not leave home, and daily necessities are delivered by the local town (street). Second, the remaining regions such as Meilu Street, the beach street, Boupu Street, Dashanjiang Street, and Baiba Town have implemented a sealing management. The personnel can only enter, it is strictly forbidden to settle, only allow each house to fix one person, limited time and limit Purchase life necessities within the scope. All personnel follow the principles of "inspection inspection", listening to the staff of the village (residential) committee, in order to conduct nucleic acid detection. Third, the nucleic acid test results are issued before, please Wuchuan people will not be out of the people, and will not participate in aggregation activities. If there is any discomfort to the hospital’s hot clinic (clinic) medical treatment. IV. Please invite the people of the people to do not believe, do not pass, strengthen personal daily protective measures, and related information will scroll through. Wu Chuan’s new coronary virus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters Office June 6, 2021.