Experts talk about Zhang Hong: Strive to write a new chapter in digital Shaanxi high-quality development

Shaanxi Provincial "14th Five-Year Plan" and the 2035 long-term target outline, we must vigorously implement the digital Shaanxi strategy, promote the acceleration of digital economy in the province, and enforces the economic and social high quality development in the province.

Shaanxi is going to build a strong province, digital Shaanxi, intelligent society, and accelerate the development of digital economic development as a modernization system, and build an important force point of the 上海玩外菜 new development pattern, and inject "digital driving force" for the high quality development of Shaanxi.

First, we must continue to construct a new infrastructure construction, and make the base for the high quality development of the number. "New Infrastructure" is based on the idea of ??new development, with scientific and technological innovation as driven, based on information network, can meet high quality development needs, provide digital transformation, intelligent upgrade, integration innovation and other services.

As a key task during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period in Shaanxi, "New Breaking" is the foundation base of Shaanxi high quality development.

Based on the new development stage, accelerate the progress of new infrastructure construction 上海外卖私人工作室 in 5G networks, data centers, and accelerate the construction of infrastructure systems such as high-quality development needs, provide digital transformation, intelligent upgrade, integration innovation and other services. Accelerate the construction of digital, intelligent facilities, and construct 10,000 digital information infrastructure in the Internet, providing strong support for the improvement of Digital Economics in the new era.

Second, we must use Qin Chuangyuan as a demonstration platform to seize the development of digital industrialization.

According to Shaanxi Science and Education Advantage, Focus on Shaanxi Advantage Industry, cultivate the core industries of digital economy, super-layout artificial intelligence, virtual reality, block chains, etc. Cultivate the industrial system of the 上海花千坊爱上海 full life cycle.

It is also necessary to accelerate the construction of platform construction in large data trials, digital economic innovation and development test areas and digital parks, and increase the layout of digital industries. The third is to use the advantages of Shaanxi energy manufacturing and fruit industry, high quality empower industries digital transformation and upgrading.

Seize the actual development of traditional industries, give full play to the enlier function of digital industry associations, education and research institutions, with digital economy as binders, booster and catalyst, high-quality, high-quality, networked, networking, and intelligent transformation upgrades Advance to the traditional industrial digital transformation and upgrading. The fourth is to adhere to the people-oriented concept and improve the level of digital management. At present, Shaanxi should build a collaborative and efficient "digital government", adhere to the people-oriented concept, support for 5G, urban materials network, artificial intelligence, big data and other technical products, strengthen digital society, digital government construction, and construct digital management New mode, improve digital management efficiency efficiency, improve the management capabilities of digital economic society, and provide security for high quality development.

Digital economy is a new movement and new engine that realizes high quality development in our province.

Vigorously develop digital economy, speed up the construction of digital Shaanxi, continue to gather in new infrastructure, digital industrialization, industrial digitalization, digital management level, etc. (The author is the dean of the Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications).