2016 "Glorious · Tibet and Four Provincial Tibetan Areas Mother and Baby Health Action" started

People’s Network Beijing June 6 (Reporter Cui Yuanyuan) Today, the 2016 "Glorous Tibet and Four Provincial Major 上海高端私人定制怎么样 Health Actions" jointly organized by the National Health Status Committee and China Glorious Business Promotion Association officially launched this Hui, the official entry of the people in 10 projects in Tibet and the four provinces of Tibet and the four provinces. Director Mao Qunan, the Director of the Ministry of Health and Health, said in the launching ceremony, the Party Central Committee, and the State Council have always put the maintenance of national health in an important agenda, will promote the "promotion of health China" to national strategy, people’s health, Deepening the reform of the medical and health system as the power, promote the quality of the whole process of life, and build a healthy China by integrating health into all policies. The development of Tibet and the four provinces has always 上海水磨娱乐会所 touched the hearts of the people of the country. Health poverty alleviation is to win the poverty of poverty, realize the major measures of the poverty poverty in Tibet and the four provinces, but also to promote healthy China, building a well-off society Inevitable requirements.

"Brilliant Action" is an important measure to promote health and poverty alleviation projects, which is also an important part of health promotion. It is understood that in response to the actual needs of Tibet and the four provinces, the needs of farmers and herdsmen, since April 2012, the original country’s Population and Family Planning Commission, the National Health and Mechanism Committee and the China Glorious Business Association have been jointly implemented "Connected, Tibet and Four provinces Tibetan Area Happy 上海高端自带工作室 Home Project "and" Glorous Tibet and Four Provincial Tibetan Area Health Promotion Project ", leading multiple publicity medical services teams composed of medical experts, media reporters and volunteers, in-depth project county, township, village, Carry out activities such as clinic consultation, health knowledge, and are widely welcomed by the people of Tibetan areas; training for local health planning staff, which effectively improve the service level of health planners. From June to August this year, "Brilliance Action" will successfully carry out a series of health promotional services aimed at improving local maternal and child health levels in 10 projects in Tibet and 4 provinces. On the basis of the original work, the action is focused on the service object, improve the quality of service, improve the pregnancy pregnancy pregnancy atmosphere in Tibet and the four provinces, improve the maternal and child health service capacity of the grassroots health planning service agency and personnel of Tibet and four provinces. Reduce maternal mortality, infant mortality and child mortality in 5 years old. Through implementation of the project, continue to explore the government’s leading, multi-sectoral cooperation, enterprise support, and mass support, and mass participation. The content of "Glorious Action" mainly includes organizing experts to conduct consultations, training grassroots staff, organizing health knowledge lectures; providing "newborns health packages", spread pregnancy health and parenting health concept; production issuance Prevention and treatment of the aphid disease The county set up "Glorious Health Cabin", long-term service of local people’s health, and carry out training and communication with the Internet platform.

(Quan Juan, Xu Xinyi).