Guangzhou Metro is a new progress on the 11th line: complete multiple project 上海油压会所 node tasks

Wen / Yangcheng Evening News Full Media Reporter Xu Zhentian correspondent Zeng Zhenwei Zhou Yongyuan Zhang Chenmu / Guangzhou Metro provides recently, Guangzhou Metro No. 11 Line (Railway Station – Pazhou – Train Station) frequently comes from engineering nodes, including Dajin Zhongben main structure Successfully realize the top-top tunnel of the Rainbow Bridge to Zhongshan Eight District, the "China Railway Equipment No. 335" shield machine successfully completed the tunnel through, and the shield machine of the left-line tunnel of the Yuntai Garden to Dajinzhong District. The shield machine of the right-line tunnel in the interval line is successfully started.

It is reported in the inside of the 11th line tunnel. Dashankai Station is located in Fuyue Street, Baiyun District, 232 meters long, and the standard section is meter.

Since the construction, the station has been influenced by factors such as complex environment, poor geological conditions, unearthed difficulties, and constructors adhere to the "high standards, strict requirements, heavy efficiency" work concept. At present, the main structure of the station has been successfully realized. Recently, the Rainbow Bridge to Zhongshan Bazhan Tunnel is left in the Tunneling Tunnel, and the rivers, the rivers, the rivers, the rivers, which are both operational railways and subway lines, and the surrounding environment is complicated, and the ground geological 上海海选品茶微信 conditions are poor, formation The water content is rich, and the shield is difficult to take into force and the safety risk is high. In order to ensure the safety of shield construction, the subway construction has organized experts, relevant construction (constructing) property rights units to the shield machine originating, tuning, arriving, crossing railway and construction (constructed), etc. Do a good job in special program review to ensure that the tunnel is safe and smooth. Yuntai Garden to Dajinzhong District Right Tunnel is full length, along the geological conditions along the line, mainly hard, weathered deep trough, solubil (earth) hole and fault zone, need to wear municipal main roads, viaduct The residential area and other construction (structure), the construction difficulty and safety risk; Fangcun to the 阿拉后花园上海 stone tunnel of the Shishi Tong interval, the line along the village Avenue, the line is required to wear both operational subway station, bridge pile foundation , Gallery tunnel, residential area, etc., many underground pipelines along the ground pipeline, high control protection for surface settlement and buildings. To this end, the subway builders conducted a detailed survey on the situation along the line construction (structure) and the peripheral pipeline, formulated special construction programs and emergency plans, and invited technical experts to review according to various risk points of different geological and surrounding environments. And argument, ensure that the two shields are started.

(Wenzhong Station name is the project.