Crossing the Dunhuang Cultural Heritage Cloning Technology Let the Japanese audience "imperial"

Cloning technology allowed the cultural heritage "live" Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes in the world 上海油压按摩论坛 in the world, the most existing Buddha statues in the world, is listed as world cultural heritage in 1987.

Since the painting and murals in the cave are made of mud, wood, wheat grass and other materials, and the cultural relics are facing tremendous pressure over time. Cloning cultural heritage refers to the cultural heritage of 上海哪里有桑拿按摩会所 cultural heritage through simulation technology and digital technology.

The biggest feature is that you can restore the erosion, damage, disappear, etc. The artwork where you have already returned, and try to repair the loss or disabled cultural heritage.

According to Zhengming, the Honorary Professor of the Tokyo Art University, China and Japan have been "cloned" in the Dunhuang Mogao Cave 275 and the 57th cave. The latest technology is integrated with unique repair technology, 上海干磨店一览表 successfully resurrected.

The statue of the Lord of the Lord of the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes No. 275, the statue of the Majesty Bodhisattva is based on the 3D scanned data and high-definition images provided by the Dunhuang Institute, and successfully creates three-dimensional shapes with 70% proportion of the original cave, and restore The left and right hand of the lack of defects, the multi-angle to the audience is displayed by using light and easy to move combination walls.