Building "International Digital Advertising"! Shanghai released the first digital advertising industry guidance

People’s Network Shanghai December 14 (Gongsha) Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Economic Information Commission jointly issued the "Guidance of promoting the high quality development of the Shanghai Digital Advertising", and focused with the digital advertising industry, Strengthen scientific and technological innovation, enhance creative levels, promote industrial gathering, and promote international exchanges, jointly promote high quality development of Shanghai digital advertising industry. In recent years, the reform of "venting service" has further stimulated the vitality of the advertising market. The Shanghai digital transformation market is strong, and the development technology is superior, the talent resources are rich, and the advertisements are mature.

As of November 2021, there is an enterprise in the city’s business scope, which is a main advertising enterprise, 8403 foreign-invested advertising enterprises, the city’s advertising revenue has nearly 200 billion yuan, and Internet media advertising revenue is more than 60%, the Internet head enterprises set up a double headquarters or branch in Shanghai, innovative digital technology companies and creative hot stores have increased significantly, and new industrial kinetic energy of digital advertising is forming, and emerging elements have become an important force. The first guidelines in China indicate the new direction for the digital transformation of the advertising industry. "Guidance Opinions" is the first provincial policy document for the development of digital advertising industry development, which clearly proposes the goal of building Shanghai as "International Digital Advertising". With "technology + creative" dual-core driver, focus on developing digital advertising new technologies, strengthening technology applications and data support, to create creative design highlands, promote intellectual property creation and standard construction, promoting the development of industrial agglomeration, and play the driving effect of industrial agglomeration chains, driving domestic Diplomatic flow cooperation, strengthen the construction of talents, encourage financial services, strengthening ten specific tasks such as publicity advertising publicity in digital fields, promoting Shanghai advertising industry to speed up digital transformation, do strong new elements, gather new kinetic energy, improve the city’s advertising industry level And competitiveness. Strengthen technological innovation and drive digital and advertising agents.

Relying on the marketing advantages of Shanghai Digital Information Technology Industry, Accelerate Development of New Video, Network Live, Social E-Commerce, Intelligent Equipment and other new advertising business models such as mobile proceduralization, video programming and cross-equipment programming.

Support industry organizations to strengthen the construction of digital advertising standards, Shanghai will newly develop a number of digital advertising standards to promote standard system construction.

Develop a "digital advertising" compliance application platform, enhance advertising monitoring efficiency, provide the foundation for advertising compliance knowledge, and enhance government digital 上海怎么找新茶 governance.

Improve creative levels and create digital advertising creative design highlands. Give full play to Shanghai advertising creative talents aggregation advantages, and continue to improve the creative level of digital advertising.

Encourage advertising enterprises to use digital technology to create high-quality original works that are easy to digitically spread. Creating an advertising creative design brand event, cultivating and creating a professional award, special list, etc., special list, etc., cultivated, attracting high-end advertising creative talents. Introducing a number of digital advertising creative leaders, excavating and cultivating digital advertising creative new characters. Encourage national advertising works, maintain advertising content creative, brand planning, corporate 上海松江大学城有多少学生 image, and other key areas.

Promote industrial gathering and cultivate a number of digital advertising key enterprises. Screening identified a batch of industries, the leading digital advertising enterprises with obvious science and technology, and the creative ability, and the creative ability is strongly supported, helping them to make great strength, while cultivating a batch of small and medium-sized digital advertising companies with growth, Enjoy the public platform services to encourage the advertising industry park and industry clustering areas, enjoy the public platform service to promote the industry upstream linkage.

At present, the Putuo District Government has taken the lead in issuing "Accelerating the Implementation of Digital Advertising Industry", which has been introduced to 1上海龙凤419自荐1 policies and is actively building the first digital advertising park in China. The Qingpu District Government is studying "Long Triangle Digital Advertising Industrial Park Industrial Plan" and "Some Policies on Further Supporting Qingpu District to accelerate the Development of Digital Advertising Industries" will give more policy support to park enterprises. Promote international exchanges and promote cross-border trade services in the advertising industry. Strengthen the organizational leadership of Shanghai International Advertising Festival, continue to run Shanghai International Advertising Festival, continue to hold the "Digital Advertising Summit Forum", build domestic and foreign exchange platforms, strengthen cooperation with RCEP member national advertising industry, and improve Shanghai Advertising Industry Influence and competitiveness.

Promote the cross-border trade service of the advertising industry, the advertising industry is about to be included in the "Shanghai Service Trade Promotion Guidance Catalog (2021)", encourages cross-border services in the advertising industry. As the guidance department of the advertising industry, the market supervision department will lead to the leadership of the municipal government, led Shanghai to promote the high quality development work coordination mechanism of digital advertising industry, take the lead in doing a good job in mechanism construction and policy collaboration, strengthen the department synergy and urban linkage. Adhere to the guiding development and regulatory norms, and promoting the Shanghai advertising industry to continue to maintain a good competitive advantage in the digital age, and create a good business environment for the development of digital advertising industry. (Responsible: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing let more people see.