Be brave: overall promotion of collaboration and promoting rolling implementation regional development layout and striving to build a national important growth

Original title: The overall promotion of collaboration and promoting rolling implementation regional development layout and striving to build a national important growth Hubei Daily News (Reporter Li Baolin, Zhou Zi) March 19, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee held a meeting, seriously conveying the general secretary of learning Xi Jinping in Central Finance The spirit of important speech at the ninth meeting of the Committee, studying our province’s implementation of opinions; deployment accelerates the development of "one lead, two wings, all-domain collaboration" regional development layout, to create an important growth in the country; research and cultivate strong industrialization Leading enterprises, promote the development of foreign trade innovation.

The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee should be bravely hosted and speaking.

  The meeting emphasized that we must conscientiously implement the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary, General Secretary, accurately grasp the significance and important requirements for promoting the health and sustainable development of platform economic norms and achieving carbon peaks, carbon neutralization goals. We must improve the performance of platform economic development policy and promote the platform economy better for high quality development and high quality life services. To carefully study the specific measures to implement carbon Dhane, carbon neutralization, to handle development and emission reduction, overall and local, current and long-term relationships, and include carbon emissions into the overall layout of ecological civilization, complete our province’s carbon emissions intensity Assessment target tasks.

It is necessary to adhere to the ecological priority, green development, strictly control the industrial access, advocate green low-carbon life, and promote the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social.

  The meeting emphasized that the 上海水磨油压 national "two sessions" spirit and the national "14th Five-Year Plan" requirements, based on the new development stage, complete and accurate and fully implement the new development concept, focus on the new development pattern, with high quality development, System planning, overall promotion "one main lead, two wings drive, all-domain" regional development layout, comprehensively promote the construction of the Yangtze River economic zone, promote the accelerated rise of the central region, and build an important growth in the country.

Wuhan should adhere to the target positioning of the national center city and the core city of the Yangtze River economy, and further stronger, and play the main engine in the province. Fuyang, Yichang should play the role of the provincial deputy 上海黄浦区品茶微信 center, and the radiation leads to drive the development of two wings.

To put technology innovation in a more prominent location, create Wuhan National Science and Technology Innovation Center and Hubei East Lake Comprehensive National Science Center, support Fuyang, Yichang Construction Regional Innovation Center. Be able to build a new highland inland open highlands and build a high level open platform. To strengthen the concept of system, bring together, collaborate, accelerate the same city, integrated development in industries, transportation, medical care, pension, education, etc., and grasp the key areas, key work, key projects, and key projects. To scroll through, mechanism, and make a good combination. All localities should clearly promote the positioning of the responsibilities in the regional development layout, and pay attention to the implementation.

  The meeting emphasized that promoting the province from agricultural production provinces from agricultural production provinces, and must find the difficulties, pain points, system linkage of agricultural industries, and truly grasp the strength, and increase the support of leading enterprises, give full play to social, market, Enterprises and financial capital power, accelerate the cultivation of agricultural industrialization leaders, and enhance the level of agricultural industrialization.

To establish a comprehensive provincial leadership as a key industrial chain length mechanism, it is necessary to have my actions with my realm and work, and continue to promote the construction of key industrial chains, long time is successful, grasp results.

It is necessary to speed up the development of county economy, block economy, raise the bottom plate of high quality development in agricultural rurality. The meeting pointed out that last year, our province has strive to respond to the epidemic impact, stabilize the fundamental market for foreign trade, and the growth of the import and export, and the results are fully affirmed.

To adhere to the problem-oriented, speed up the construction of the new highland of the inland, focus on enhance the open function, port function, trade function, build marketization, rule of law, international creature environment, attract more foreign foreign companies to return to the development of Hubei.

To make a co-management, form a synergy, promote the province’s foreign trade innovation and development, and create an important node of domestic circulation and strategic links in China International Dual cycles. The meeting also studied other matters. (Editor: Cao Wei, Xie Lei).