Elden Law is exposed to the machine video, the internal measurement price is skyrocketing

  "Elden Ring" This time, a real-machine demo video can be said to be the enthusiasm of igniting players. It is not difficult to see according to the real-machine demo, first this game has a very large world map, and as an open worldPlayers can explore the treasures and kills BOSS and other exploration gameplay.

And the game, such as a large jump, horse riding attack, magic attack, etc. will be possible.The game has Hikikaki high as a blessing, and it has already opened 上海虹口新茶外卖 an internal test.The pre-order is also opened on Steam, which will be launched on February 上海一楼一凤论坛 25, 2022, and the price of 2,98 yuan in Steam is a standard version of 298 yuan. The digital luxury version takes 398 yuan.

Depending on the official introduction will log in to the PS4, PS5, Xboxone, XSX / S, and PC platforms.