Fuquan: According to the resettlement of housing, "fast forward", let the people live and should live

The construction of the project is to catch people’s livelihood.

Since this year, Fuquan City has transformed a shantytown transformation and old community as a solving people who are most direct to the most direct most realistic interests. Through the leadership of the government, the community leadership, the whole process of the residents participate in the support of the society, and accelerate the promotion of new towns. Process, focus on solving poor environmental conditions, supporting facilities or serious damage, management service mechanism, etc. ,sense of security.

Into the renovation project of the city shantytown in the horse stripping area. The reporter saw that the main body of the shed and resettlement house has been completed. There are several new buildings to enter the cloud. The elevators of the upper and lower buildings are directly connected. Related facilities, installation, community greening projects, etc. in the natural gas pipeline.

Liu Hanpeng, a horsepartment area renovation project manager, said: "The residential main body and decoration project of the 7 buildings at this stage have all been completed. Some owners have colliled the key, and some owners are being selected in the resumption of houses. After we will continue to follow up.sn品茶论坛上海

As of now, the ranch roof resettlement has reached the household conditions, and Jinshan shed will be delivered before the end of June next year, and Long Changxiang will reach payment conditions before the end of December next year.

Cai Shihai, general manager of Guizhou Fu Run Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd., Said: "Several of several shed reform projects are a way to resettle in different places. Site is a central location. The transportation is very convenient, mainly to improve everyone’s lives. The environment is convenient for the needs of the people.

The surrounding schools around each of our projects are relatively complete, and now they are intensifying the construction of projects, ensuring that the people will stay as soon as possible, realize their nourishment to the source of 上海夜生活体验网 beautiful happiness, and after staying, our property will also synchronize Keep up. "From the sporadic to the film, from the shanty to the building, from workers to livable, shantytown transformation of the people’s livelihood projects.

The renovation of the old community makes the housing "old color" is the people’s heart, but also the most vivid practice of "I do practical things for the masses".

In recent years, Fuquan City has solidly promoted the important content of urban renovation as a urban update. It has been investigated for the 80 communities built in 2000. By holding owners, the wishes, scientific and transformation of the masses, To achieve a "one set of implementations in a community", solve the problems that the community urgently need to solve. Jinshan Street, the residential area is a two decades of the old community. In order to improve the community environment, the residents of the community have lived more happily, and Fuquan City has changed from the aspects of the residential environment, improves housing functions, transforming infrastructure. The entire community has been greatly improved.

Soang Lane Residents Saosong said: "After rectification, the original, chaotic, poor environment has been invisible, our quality of life has been greatly improved and significantly improved." As of now, Fuquan The city has completed the transformation tasks of 36 old communities, and the remaining 10 communities are being stepped up.

Wang Rongcheng, Director of the Housing and Construction Technical Service Center of the Housing and Construction Bureau of Fuquan City, said: "Next, we will implement the spirit of the sixth party congress in the city, firmly move the new urbanization as the main carrier, speed up the old community. Reconstruction, continuously enhance the color of the city and improve the satisfaction of the masses.

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