Hainan has accumulated 6 million 上海KB会所 people to vaccinate 63.56% of the entire population

According to Zeng Zhaozhong, deputy director of Hainan Provincial Health and Health Committee, Hainan vaccination as the most important political task of current epidemic prevention and control, high-level advancement, take the initiative, and adds a temporary inoculation point to set up a temporary inoculation point through the integrated hospital. Eliminate inoculation capacity, establish a temporary mobile inoculation point in remote areas, large communities, large enterprises, prisons, and detention places, etc. Provide convenient "on-site service" to improve service availability.

The provinces have adopted a number of humanized service initiatives, and launched the "key crowd green channel" "mobile vaccination car" "mobile 上海工作室新茶 vaccination car" "" Love Sudden Room "and other services; each inoculation point is also extended at noon and evening service time, convenient for farmer, migrant The crowd vaccination; the conditional city county also organizes the special population of bus, van, and even private cars to pick up the remote area and walking inconvenience, so that "national vaccination" is more human, let the people rest assured, facilitate vaccination, safe vaccination .

Take advantage of the provincial large data analysis system to achieve accurate analysis of vaccination, precise guidance.

Carry out new crown vaccination inoculation and vaccination through mobile phone mobile APP, realize new crown vaccine scientific scheduling, and help new crown vaccine in inoculation.

At 闵行按摩现在营业 the same time, Hainan realized the automatic docking of vaccination records and Hainan "Health Code", which facilitates the masses through Hainan Health Code to inoculate personal vaccination.

At the same time, each city county also promoted the MV and cadres in the cadres in the public, and the cadres and the people were recorded and the "propagation", through the form of mobile broadcasting and village broadcasting, the extensive publicity mobilization, creating a street and rural Good national vaccination atmosphere.

Hainan plans to advance 1.5 million people in May, mainly promote key port cities such as Haikou and Sanya, and promote the whole staff inoculated. Other cities and counties promote the projections of the county-year-old people, and the old ages for 18 years old should be connected Further consolidate the immunization barrier in the population.

At the same time, the second needle vaccination of the vaccination crowd was coordinated.

Next, Hainan will provide basic public health services, enhance vaccination services, and improve the inoculation of vaccination and gain in vaccination.

(Editor: Lu Shaoxiong, Wang Qingfang).