Clearly identify "ruler" to rectify false litigation

In order to block the mandatory implementation of the property under its name, the executor is used to use 63 natural people’s identity, and the court will make an objection to the court.

After the false litigation behavior was confirmed, the court made a top penalty for this company, a total of 63 million yuan per case, a total of 63 million yuan, and the relevant criminal clues and related materials were transferred to the investigation agency.

This case is one of the typical cases of rectification of false litigation prior to the Supreme People’s Court. False proceedings are the lack of integrity in the field of litigation, not only seriously infringed the legitimate rights and interests of the parties and existing people, but violates the honesty and credit principles of civil lawsuits, disrupting normal lawsuit.

According to reports, in 2017 and 2020, the National Court investigated 10,000 pieces of false litigation cases, and 2079 cases involved in the criminal cases involved in the vital litigation.

In addition to performing objection, the typical case released by the highest law also involves folk borrowings, forged divorce agreements to escape implementation, fictional labor credit fraudulently dismantled and compensation and other common false civil litigation means. "The Supreme People’s Court’s Opinions on In-depth Lawsuit Remediation" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") recently released, clarified the false litigation to identify the "ruler", requiring key rectification of objection, folk lending, housing sales contract, etc. The field, strictly false litigation criminal accountable, maintenance of judicial justice and authority, and promote social integrity construction. The false litigation hidden is extremely important, how to identify it.

The "Opinions" summarize the 8-class characteristic performance, providing guidance for the mutual false litigation: the fact that the plaintiff sugges, the reason is not conforming to the common sense; the amount of the subject is serious and the plaintiff’s economic situation is serious; the relationship between the relative relationship between the parties, related relationships, etc. The results of the lawsuit may involve the interests of the procedure; there is no substantive civil equity dispute between the parties, there is no substantial confrontation debate in the lawsuit; the parties are not compliant with the common sense; the parties are in a heavy debt burden Price transfer property, with significant unreasonable high-priced property or abandon property rights; the evidence of the facts of the case, the parties actively quickly reached a mediation agreement, requiring the people’s court to make mediation; the party’s affair case does not completely accurately state case Fact or statements contradictions before and after.

Folk borrowings have always been a high-risk field of false 奉贤南桥水磨 lawsuits.

According to reports, in 2020, 1772 cases of false private lending disputes were investigated, and the civil false litigation cases in the investigation and punishment. In this regard, the "view" requirements strictly review the illegal behavior of fictional borrowing and vaining the principal, and strictly abide by the illegal act of private lending interest rates.

"Opinions" summarizes private lending disputes, performing 10 categories of objection, labor disputes, divorce drawings, etc., which helps to focus on key areas and improve remediation.

"The Supreme Fighting Triller Zheng Xuelin said.

"The Supreme Law will also develop a series of judicial interpretation and judicial policies to further tighten the cage of the system, compress the space of the 上海海选油压会所 false litigation." The Supreme Flat Preppector He Xiaolong said.