Beijing Xuexue and Ying Dong come together with fire dumplings, mutton rolls, etc. Today you eat hot pot?

Beijing’s early snow is like approximately. On November 6, the reporter visited the foundation, the winter is coming, the temperature drop, plus the influence of the epidemic, with a fireband, hot pot ingredients. At 4:30 pm on November 6, the outdoor wind and rain, the four cow streets and input albums in Xicheng District can be seen where the citizens of the beef and lambs are enjoyed everywhere. Ju Baoyuan cow mutton door, waiting for the civil team waiting for the queue to buy a beef and law and lambed slices, many citizens hold the umbrella, put on the down jacket, and the citizens have a hard arm, in 宝山油压店 the cold wind . The staff in the style of the epidemic prevention Commissioner is in front of the store door, reminding customers to wear a mask and queue in order.

He said: these two days are cooling, the epidemic has never passed, there is less people who eat hot pot in the store, and the people who queue to buy ingredients will be more, and it is estimated that they are 40 minutes. Not only is the beef and mutton window, the team of 料 麻 and traditional drink windows also discharged more than ten meters long. The weather forecast said that Beijing should usher in the snow, I just bought a cow mutton, mutton, sweet garlic, butter sauce plus the fried chili oil, just a word, fragrance! Mr. Qian, who is queuing, said. In the absence of the input alley, Mushi Jiaxing’s beef and mutton shop and the Landa Eskille sheep meat 上海闵行东兰路kb shop have also rushed to the long team. The team in the door of Landa’s fresh cattle mutton shop turned into the road. There were 60 people. Multiple people. Ms. Lu took a pound of mutton and a pound of beef. She said: The team can take a quite fast, about more than 20 minutes, I can live in the North Third Ring, I have been listening to friends nearby. The meat is good, there is no chance to come over, I have to snow, it is suitable for eating shabu-shabu, special intentions to buy some going back. At 5:30 in the evening, Yuanjiyun dumpling shop on Wu Sheng Road on Chaoyang District came to buy dumplings, and the three-person transparent glass, the three staff were packaged with dumplings and 馄饨.

In a short while, the vegetable fresh meat dumplings in the window and the winter mushroom horseshoes are sold out, and the 上海水磨 sauerku and fresh meat dumplings are still there.

During the epidemic, I decreased gathered. I have long granted this dumplings. I will work in winter tomorrow. I will buy some dumplings to go home to eat, and it is convenient and sanitary. Ms. Feng said.

On the on-site production window on the other side of the store, from time to time, some soldiers have taken away, take away the cooked dumplings takeaway.

5:40 in the evening, enter the supermarket, the entrance is not far away, the staff is unpacking a box of dumplings and 饨, neatly record into the freezer.

The staff being replenished, immediately standing in the winter, there are a lot of customers who have to buy quick-frozen dumplings, and the dumplings are still do not break goods.

On the shelf in the vegetable area, the leeks often used as dumpling stuffing are empty, and the fennel has remaining.

After 2 o’clock in the leeks, I finished selling, I purchased the goods this evening, I want to buy it tomorrow. Weighing staff said. (Original title: Listening winter, Beijing dumplings, hot pot ingredients hot) (Reporter Shi Yue).