Guide: About the Strategic Layout of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics (36

Fair justice is the lifeline of the rule of law. Fair justice is the last defense line of safeguarding social fairness. The so-called fair justice is that the right to violate will definitely get protected and relieved, and illegal criminal activities must be sanctions and punishment.

The judiciary has special nature and law, and judicial power is judgment and ruling of the facts and laws of cases. The law should have a function of staging, and the judicial trial should have a final role. If the people cannot guarantee their legal rights through the judicial procedure, the judiciary has no credibility, the people will not 嘉定品茶spa believe in justice. If the defense line of justice lacks credibility, social justice will be universally questioned.

Strive to make the people feel fair justice in every judicial case, and is the inner pursuit and value goal of my country’s judicial work.

"Implementing the party’s leadership to the whole process and all aspects of law according 上海油压KB场 to law are a basic experience in my country’s socialist rule of law.

(Editor: Cao Wei, Qinhua).