Frosty, drizzle, sweet potato papaya apple soup

Guangzhou TCM, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yang Zhimin, a population of spleen and 上海按摩spa论坛 stomach weakness, bad appetite, malnutrition, usual constipation, blood fat, high blood lipids, recommended often drinking sweet potato papaya apple soup. Take 200 grams of a sweet potato (melon), 1 (about 150 g), 1 ~ 2 apples, 100 grams of pork or meat, pepper, salt.

Wash the material, add the appropriate amount of water into the pot boil, put the sweet potato for 10 minutes, then put papaya and apple in the pot, continue to cook for 10 minutes, and finally add 上海浴场服务200一次 pork tablets or bake for 5 minutes, pepper, The salt is taste.

Panoto is plain, has the effect of complementing and blood, and yang. It is also rich in dietary fibers, making the intestines more smooth and lower than the heat of rice.

Papaya is flat, containing a variety of proteases, promotes digestion, and the gousren acidic acid can help protect liver, lower blood fat, and antioxidant. Apple is flat, sweet, microalic acid, can be born for thirst, clear 上海品茶场所 heat and removal, joining.

Three kinds of foods, sweet soul, sour, yin, can make up the spleen and stomach, and can be done, and the intermediate is used.