Blooming on the Times Stage

Disabled people making bacteria rods. The 31-year-old Yuan Tao is a disability of hearing, and his family has an old father. In the base, Xiao Yuan is like everyone, the bacterial package production, bacteria shed management, mushroom picking can be done, one month, I can get 1800 Yuan, plus 800 yuan of low insurance, Yuan Tao and father have a disposable income of 2600 yuan a month, and life is significantly improved.

Wang Yongbin is 33 years 闵行区会所 old this year, the second-level disability of the limbs, the 40-year-old wife is a mental disability, and the husband and wife have been a service object of home, Pan Yuanliang invited their husband and wife to engage in light physical strength. In the morning, Wang Yongbin rides a tricycle with his wife from Tea Garden Town to the base. Their husband and wife can have a 1200 yuan income, plus a low insurance, a three-sided one month of income, after get off work, the couple rushed again Wang Yongbin said that I have to give my daughter counseling at night, the base gives them confidence, and gives them to the future. He Yuangao, a limb disabled, is on the steep cake, a few hundred meters away from the base, and he just added a team of 1800 yuan in his first month. He Yuangao said that no one is going to work out, do not have the 上海品茶自带工作室 farming, the base is built at the door, they don’t dislike me, do not worry, I cherish this job, I hope the base is getting better and better. Pan Yuanliang is ready to do 100,000 bacteria rods in the current base, which is dominated by frozen flors, and also bought a lot of high-quality mushrooms.

Due to lack of funds, the base bacteria has not yet set up, there is no bacteria, and the bacteria must be placed on the cement floor. Winter is coming, winter is the peak season of mushroom harvesting and sales, but if not solved the incubation problem, Whether the base can develop or 上海虹口水磨会馆 a mystery. Learn from Pan Yuanliang, the Vice Chairman of Jinsha County Disabled Persons’ Federation came to the base for real-world investigation, and the Pan Yuanliang team discussed how to implement the bacteria, and believe in the help of the local disabled and the society. Next, Pan Yuanliang’s plan of their 100,000 bacteria must be realized.