German media report: Shanxi opened the road of difficult green transformation

On November 15th, the German "Frankfurt Report" website reported on November 12 上海娱乐水磨价格 that China recognized the seriousness and urgency of the climate crisis. China and the United States have indicated this in the Joint Declaration signed by Glasgow. China reaffirmed the commitment of coal consumption from 2026 in the Declaration. Shanxi’s day is indeed blue, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and coal dust pollution have been significantly reduced. A large change has occurred in the past 15 years, the area is in a structural transition. According to the report, in Shanxi, in order to improve efficiency, large-scale state-owned groups were combined with restructuring, and hundreds of small mines were closed.

Today, many sinking mining areas stand in solar equipment. For decades, the state-owned mines in Shanxi have long been an employer, but they allocate housing and open schools and hospitals. Coal shaped the 花桥水磨90分钟不限次 上海普陀区洗浴按摩 spirit of Shanxi people. The report pointed out that Germany has a magical word opened the gate in Shanxi: Ruer District.

The transformation of the German Ruhl Industrial Zone has been hailed as an example.

In Taiyuan, there is a huge alumni group, and members are people who have learned or worked in cities such as Essen or Bochian, Germany in the past 30 years. It is said that there are more than 500 experts and managers.

Some economists wrote a book about the Structure transformation of Ruer District, which suggested that Shanxi followed Germany experience.

Data map: Linyi City, Fuhe Park. Xinhua News Agency.