Fighting 10 hours, Jinan medical insurance system migration upgrade is completed, seeing a doctor, medical insurance settlement full recovery

Original title: The diagnosis and drug cost reimbursement during the upgrade, the settlement is so: the reporter learned from the Jinan Medical Security Bureau: According to the province’s medical security information system construction work arrangement, Jinan Medical Security Information System is 19 o’clock on April 30 Start migrating to the Jinan government cloud platform. 5 o’clock in the morning of May 1st, more than 800 million people in the city, 闵行上海油压群 personal account information, etc. have completed migration, the settlement services of Jinan Medical Insurance designated medical institutions and retail pharmacies (including the provinces and cross-provincial medical insurance The networked settlement) has been restored, and the public can enjoy medical insurance treatment instant network settlement services in nearly 4,000 medical insurance pharmaceuticals in Jinan. As of 8 o’clock in the first day, the medical insurance system after the migration and upgrading has taken a medical insurance network settlement 4033.

上海自带工作室女 From the perspective of data statistics, the earliest settlement business happened at 5:55 in the morning, and Jinan City Enterprises were settled at different hospitals.

It is understood that this migration is related to the overall upgrading of the Jinan Medical Service System and the establishment of the provincial system’s service chain, involving all the services in the field of medical insurance. In order to minimize system migration on the public to enjoy medical insurance services, Jinan City Medical Insurance Department has set the segmentation upgrade, fast recovery, delayed registration and handmade in the Jinan City medical insurance department. Reimburse the auxiliary upgrade scheme.

During the upgrade, the medical treatment and drug cost reimbursement, the settlement is so: from 19:00, May 1, 5:00 上海松江喝茶 on 5:00, Jinan City’s insured people needed the fees for networked settlement (including hospitalization, outpatient , Account, etc.), can reissue network settlement procedures with the fixed-point medical institution and pharmacies with the settlement document (notes). Foreign insured people in Jinan or Jinan insured people have generated the network settlement fees in the field, according to the actual medical situation, the medical institutions of medical institutions are currently paying for medical treatment costs, and they can enjoy medical insurance through hand-reimbursement procedures. treatment.

Complex medical insurance data migration and system debugging is still undergoing this system migration and upgrade due to the broad, data, the city’s medical insurance department is carrying out the medical insurance core business system upgrade and multi-wheel verification commissioning of each service module, medical insurance unit and Personal online service hall, all kinds of mobile phone handle medical insurance business and inquiry services will be online for citizens to serve the public after completing the debug.

In order to ensure that the treatment of medical insurance insured people in Jinan is uninterrupted, the city’s medical insurance department issued a notice and emergency plan to the city’s designated pharmaceutical institutions, ensuring that there is a basis for the mass response, and it is effective.

In addition, the municipal medical insurance department sets a special medical insurance business consultation telephone (68966716) during the upgrade, and the backbone forces provide 24-hour non-interruption consulting services to the insured.

(Editor: Liu Yingyi, Xing Manhua).