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"I have always thought that if the sense of responsibility is very important, if there is no responsibility, it is equal to the loss of motivation and goals … I will pass the spirit of the Chinese Communist Party to everyone.

Zhang Jiu Li suffered from childhood and suffering from childhood, action, and even losing exercise skills, and looked at other partners to run, lightly jumping, envious.

Has suffering from illness, she is strong, perseverance.

Efforts to learn, take advantage of the university with excellent results, annual scholarships; 1 degree of academic papers during the postgraduate period, participate in three national topics, and its research science and technology project transfer enterprises production 3; good at speech debate, in variousThe competition has been awarded … During the school, she is a good student who is working hard, is an outstanding student cadre, and is also an excellent graduate.She inspires and makes progressive progress in their studies.

However, due to the rapid development of the later condition, she even became more and more difficult, she had to bid farewell to the school in the sigh of the teacher, and also bid farewell to the dream that she has been convinced. In the midst of confused, she was unyielding. In the summer of 2006, under the support of his parents, Zhang Jirui saved the property in his home, raised 150,000 yuan, leased a 10-square-meter small line in Changchun, and started to study the kitchen, and embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. Research test, scientific research screening, half a year’s non-sleepless, falling and then climbing, finally, she successfully developed the first bamboo fiber cleaning towel, and founded Changchun Long Li Daily Products Co., Ltd., registered a long-Li trademark .

For her, this is not only successful, but also the prove and continuation of her life value, let her lose again in the dark.

At the beginning of the company, she and her parents, in 10 square meters of rental house, relying on the sewing machine borrowed from the neighbors, a piece of bamboo fiber cleaning towel; she carrys a book in the day, with water Basin, over again and over again to dealers, consumers demonstrate the effect of cleaning towels, send them free trials.

Walking in every street, for her, wrestling is a convenient meal, but as long as you can stand up, she will continue to sell.

When the sky is not having a heart, the product has entered the market and quickly got the dealer and consumers’ identity. Sales continued to rise; the first worker, the second worker … Company employee continues to increase; 10 square meters to 50 square meters, then to 500 square meters, 1000 square meters … The area of ??the factory is constantly expanding.

Today, her company has been known in the home cleaning supplies industry with advanced technology and high quality products, and the sales of products are spread all over the country and cooperate with multiple multinational chain supermarkets. Because Zhang Ji Li has a certain scientific research ability, each of her products are carefully developed and innovative, attracting a large number of partners.

The accumulation of many years is also a green light for Zhang Ji Li’s entrepreneur. Because she has a good English speaking communication skill, she boldly out of the country, go to many countries to participate in the international market, selling China’s high-quality bamboo fiber products.

With her professional introduction, these high-quality and environmentally friendly products have been exported to multiple countries. At present, Changchun Long Li Daily Products Co., Ltd. has become a professional home cleaning supplies integrating R & D, production, sales, and products from the initial development to now. Not only that, the company is still in Dandong, Changchun and Dandong’s two plant covers an area of ??6,000 square meters, more than 200 workers.

The company has increased year by year, and has already embedded a fast lane.

Zhang Jirui always believes that she is now based on society, the government, the disabled, and the resident friend, and the glory of life is also lit by them. Therefore, after the company stabilizes, she will determined that the disabled person who needs help with her as needed.

Not only that, since 2009, she will arrange the disabled from June to August every year to learn the operation of various sewing machines and related labor skills, and actively resettlement in the factory.

"People with lower disability levels, I will arrange their work as normal people so they can make more points; I will also combine disabled people with defects, so that they can help each other in their work. Mutual help, make up the defects; the persons with disabilities can work together with their families, so that their families will also obtain labor opportunities when they care, can solve the problem of livelihoods. "Zhang Jiu Li said.

In order to solve the disabled person with a bachelor’s graduation, because there is no venue and life, 上海休闲养生场所 Zhang Jiu Li arranges her work in the factory and provides a classroom for her in the factory. After the afternoon student student, Zhang Jiu Li is a child for workers. Provide transfer service to counseling.

It has solved the worries of some workers, but also let this disabled meet the desire to do tutor, and the income has increased.

In order to make persons with disabilities that are inconvenient to leave home, she takes another way, and allocate some work to them, such as hooks, taking the bath, etc., and send the original accessories to the disabled home, do After finishing, retrieve the finished product, let them get a job opportunity without leaving home. She also set up a joint factory in the community to facilitate the nearby disabled people to go to the factory; set up a practical training 上海徐汇区洗浴中心多少钱 center in Zhi Zhi School, let the children of autism step by step, master a skill, help some of the family members of the disabled, and For them to take care of the patient to provide a broad working time; in other cooperation between the company, try to find the company’s corporate cooperation and leave the profit to them. … In just a few years, Zhang Jiu Li has helped more than 300 people with disabilities, and has trained more than 300 people with disabilities, accumulating more than 60 employment of disabled people, resetting more than 40 employment of the family of disabled people, more than 200 Second-rate.

Her business has also been rated as a disabled personnel engineering service base, the city’s disabled employment training base, and the city’s residual residual disabled.

Today, although the career 上海美女个人工作室 is basically stable, the body is getting worse.

However, Zhang Jiu Li is still on the road of entrepreneurship. Planning the disabled entrepreneurship, based on the enterprise, relying on its own sales network, attracting some people with interesting business, helping them to establish an industry on the products of the enterprise related industries.

Place a large number of defective friends to enter the park, form an industrial chain and industrial park, and build a home fast consumer goods brand for disabled people. For this goal, she is running around, actively preparing, expects to complete this dream, better, stronger, more powerful, and incentives to stand up when they can actually be active. (Editor: Wang Hao Yue, Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.