Guang’an Red Cultural Elements Enhanced Action Art Work Exhibition

Original title: Guang’an Red Cultural Elements Enhanced Action Art Works Exhibition Carried the "Unforgettable Jobs inherited the Classics of Guang’an Red Culture Elevation" in the Guang’an District Committee and District Administration – Guang’an Red Cultural Elements Improvement Action Art Works in Deng Xiaoping The exhibition hall development is carried out, and the extension is one month.

This exhibition, Guang’an District invited national famous artists to create 400 art works, including 300 calligraphy, 50 paintings, 50 engraved.

The exhibition showed the magnificent process and Guang’an’s construction and development 上海浦东哪儿有街边女 achievements of the Chinese Communist Party. At the ceremony, Guang’an District also transferred to Deng Xiaoping’s Works of Contemporary Chinese painters and calligraphers. The relevant person in charge of Guang’an District said that the Guang’an literary and art workers in Guang’an District will take the exhibition as an opportunity to carefully carry out the education of party history, and use their heart to use the relationship with the red cultural genes, and contribute to the comprehensive construction of socialist modernization Guang’an contribution. (Guang’an 上海水磨干磨会所 District Heading Media Liao Solden) Source: (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Luo Wei) Sharing let more people see.