Double 11 sales hot multi-site consumed associations but frequent warning

The picture is from the Guangdong 上海后花园交友论坛Consumers Association’s public account, and the Guangdong Provincial Consumer Council specializes in the relevant online shopping platform.The meeting notified the situation in the survey of three unique products and commodity labels in the Internet, pointing out that there are three unique products and key information of the e-上海品茶q群 commerce platform enterprises, false marks, label logo does not meet national standards, product sales page information andThe physical object does not match, praise and other issues, urge the e-commerce companies to strengthen platform governance and strict product quality management.Live spending questions, the Beijing Consumers Association has released the results of live broadcast consumption experience. The results of the survey showed that the current live betting consumption experience is general, but there is also some suspected 杨浦区有花头的浴场 false propaganda, and does not follow the regulations., Words and deeds, prices, misleading, and no significant reminders of private trading risks.According to the Beijing Consumers Association,.